Solace in Simplicity

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Eurozone crisis: A depressing Downing Street shows signs of collapse and credit crunch threatening to rip apart a financial atomic bomb across Europe. The Euro isn’t looking good either and the Greeks are watching their country crumble. A grim tale, a sad melancholy grips the first world.

Back In India: A no-confidence motion looms in sight for a certain FDI policy to be implemented while the JanLokpal Bill tries to fight for shoulder space with rising fuel prices, the Rupee-Dollar exchange rates, a growth rate of less than 7% and a general dip in the mood of the nation with rising scams and lowering implementation of justice.

A somber melancholy has gripped the world tightly, things are just going downhill and people are silently watching their savings vanish as inflation reaches unprecedented heights. Our backs are breaking trying to support ourselves and our families. The only respite is the frequent appearance of an adult film star on television who truly turns our nights Sunny. However, the counter potential applied to this fleeting pressure is the dangerous thought that a certain Mallya might be forced to discontinue his calendar full of lissome lasses due to the dreaded phrase “rising fuel prices.”


And then, as if a phoenix rising from the ashes, we are offered the chance to be rejuvenated, reborn, re-energized, re-. We stop and ask the world something that we do not necessarily expect an answer for and yet, it pleases us to ask- Why this kolaveri di?

Yes, the arrival of the Kolaveri, the murderous rage has triggered a sort of Domino (not the pizza) effect (lasts more than 30 minutes, just in case you still think it’s the pizza reference) where one can not ignore the song. You might hate it, might not understand it, might force yourself to associate the name Dhanush only with archery and yet you cannot escape the urge to listen to that song everyday. With more than four million hits on YouTube, the song expresses an average, drunk man’s frustration. In the song it’s directed towards the woman who broke his heart but it applies to everything, cuts across boundaries of caste and nations. So, while the world falls like a house of cards, we append our words with “u” and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.

Before this, there were many other internet phenomena. The one that affected me in a deep, spiritual (yes, Zen-like) way was the Nyan cat. The simplicity of a pink, pixelated cat running across a the star-spangled night sky, defecating rainbows struck me as fantastic. Teamed with the music that went “NyaNyaNyaNyan” it was irresistible. “I Nyaned for 20.7 seconds!” invited appreciative nods from the internet fraternity whereas “I Nyaned for 100 seconds!” (that was me) invited the ire of a scorned boyfriend (it was completely worth it though).

These two things made me realize something very important about the human psyche. The idea that sometimes peace and happiness are found in the unlikeliest of places, in the stupidest of situations, in the most immature comments and in the most annoying videos. As the whole world races forward, trying to catch that elusive success, I would like to believe that sitting back in a Barista, using their free Wi-Fi facility and watching nonsensical videos combine to form a heady cocktail of success.

It’s only when you stop chasing that you can start breathing again. Till then, this hand-la scotch-u shall keep me happy now-u.

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