Wrath on the viewers

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Wrath of The Titans unleashes it’s wrath and how. I cannot see a good enough reason that anyone would actually go in to watch this but just in case you are planning to, here’s a piece of advice – DON’T!

Here’s why –
The first installment in the series ‘Clash Of The Titans’ was no masterpiece and still did moderately well at the Box-office because of the promotion, the high-profile cast, CGI effects and Gemma Arterton. The sequel is worse and there is no Gemma Arterton.

Seeing such cinema opens your mind and makes you think about questions like – Why would anyone give enough shit to make a movie like this? With all due respect to common sense there isn’t a single good enough reason to make such a movie.

Look I would be okay with it if it was just another piece of crap. But when that piece of crap is worth 150 MILLION DOLLARS I need to know WHY? WHY ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION FUCKIN’ DOLLARS?

If you have got this much money to put into an unnecessary orgy of special effects and effectively 90 minutes of steaming pile of garbage, why not save that money? Give it to the poor or charity (or send it to a movie buff in nagpur : read as ‘me’).

What would really surprise me (and completely shake my faith in the mankind) is if this one also goes on to do well enough for the studios to come up with another one in the series. In inimitable words of Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth

Now I don’t want to really go about the story except for a few pointers (by now I have lost all interest in writing anything about this movie, storyline, performances and about life and universe in general).
Every character suffers from serious daddy issues and over-the-top hamming. Big time! One thing I got to learn from ‘Wrath Of The Titans’ is that Greek mythology is pretty fucked up.  Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes look like two fishes out of the sea. Absolutely clueless and flail about in the few scenes that they appear.

Liam Neeson basically reprises the role of Rakhi from ‘Karan Arjun’ except he doesn’t do it half as well as she did. ‘Wrath Of The Titans’ also proves that Ralph Fiennes doesn’t really fit in those fantasy movies where his character has a nose.

And then there is Bill Nighy who is hardly recognisable with all the costume and hair. Good for him.

There are some computer generated monsters who manage to show more emotions than the main lead Sam Worthington. Rosamund Pike has a permanent duckface and being the sole female component of the movie I as a viewer felt humiliated and cheated of my money.

There is, in short, not a single redeeming factor about ‘Wrath Of The Titans’. It does however successfully manage to evoke a general sense of hate towards the World and oneself for spending money on such bullcrap.

BOTTOMLINE – I saw this so that you don’t have to. (Now, pay me.)

RATING – 0.5 Ghantas (for the CGI effects only.)

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